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22-1. Purpose and Intent
22-2. Permitted Uses
22-3. Conditional Uses
22-4. Site Development Standards
22-5. Sign Regulations
22-1. Purpose and Intent.

The purpose of the heavy manufacturing zone is to provide suitable areas that will accommodate the need for heavy intensity manufacturing, extractive and associated uses where the environmental impact upon community may be substantial and where public regulation may be necessary to preserve the general welfare of the community.

22-2. Permitted Uses.

1. Any permitted use in an MV-1 Zone

22-3. Conditional Uses.

The following uses shall be permitted only when authorized by a Conditional Use Permit as provided in Chapter 22-C of this Zoning Ordinance.

1. Any Conditional Use allowed in an MV-1 Zone

2. Public Utility Substations

3. Uses which follow, provided they are located at least 300 feet from any zone boundary, contain a minimum of ten acres in area, and have a 15 ft. landscape buffer planted with 6 ft. or larger evergreen trees around the area where the equipment and product are stored, or natural or geographic barrier provide that provide an adequate buffer. The trees shall be Canada Hemlock, Scotch Pines, Douglas Fir, or Blue Spruce. The trees shall be planted every 15 ft. on center. The evergreen shrubs shall be Junipers, Mugo Pines, or Spreading Yew. The shrubs shall be 36 inches high and there shall be 15 shrubs per 100 ft. There shall be five (5) canopy trees per 100 ft. These trees shall be, Maples, Linden, Quaking Aspens, Cottonless Cottonwood, Honey Locust, or Birch trees. These trees shall be a minimum of 2 inch caliper. This landscaping shall be planted when the property abuts agricultural or residential zones. Sound barrier walls shall be installed as part of any rock crushing or screening operation or similar uses. No more than two weeks of aggregate either to be crushed or finished product may be stock piled on site. A dust and noise mitigation plan needs to be submitted.

a. Recycling of material such as concrete, rocks, or dirt

b. Dirt and sand material screening

c. Rock crusher

d. Green waste that is used to make mulch

4. Dwelling unit for proprietor or employee, who also serves as night watchman, and their immediate family, provided that an additional 3,000 square feet of landscaped area is provided for the residential use. As a Conditional Use, the Township Planning Commission for the jurisdiction in which the application is made, shall have the discretion to approve either an attached or a detached dwelling, based upon the primary manufacturing use and architectural design to protect the noise levels and privacy of the residents.

22-4. Site Development Standards.

1. Minimum lot area None if connected to a public sewer, 20,000 sq. ft. otherwise.

2. Minimum lot width 100 feet

3. Minimum Yard Setbacks:

a. Front 30 ft. on streets of less than 80 ft. in width; 50 ft. on streets and highways of 80 ft. or more in width

b. Side none except 20 ft. where adjacent to a residential zone boundary and a side yard facing a street on a corner lot.

c. Rear none except 30 ft. where building rears on a residential zone

4. Building Height

a. Minimum one story

b. Maximum 35 feet

5. Lot coverage not to exceed 80 percent of the lot area buildings

Landscaping Per Chapter 18C, Architectural, Landscaping and Screening and item specific

22-5. Sign Regulations.

Per requirements of Chapter 32 B, Ogden Valley Signs.